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New Members Only Club

Food & Beverage Manager


$50,000 - $ 60,000

Job Description

Ideal Skills and Qualifications

  • Food: Eat before you feed!! The food at The Quorum is by far outstanding! The beverages are enough to bring you back to the watering hole! We pride our selves on these and need you to get the word out!!

  • Beverage: Can you differentiate between Weißbier and Witbier? Do you know your gins and the tonics that are served with them? If yes, drink up with us!

  • Service-orientation: Short of God, we are the only other beings that are omnipresent, omniscient, clairvoyant and ever-ready! 

  • Interpersonal: Be patient! Not everyone understands the nuances of your job or vocabulary! Listen well and communicate effectively and coherently while speaking!

  • Customer-centric: Members are our top priority! Make their requests your goal and work towards making their experience. 

  • The Devil is in the details: Members are creatures of habit and we likes to ensure that they receive consistently memorable experiences whilst at the Club. Learn how to dot the 'i's and cross the 't's.

For applicants interested in joining the team behind this unique and exciting addition to Hong Kong’s culinary scene, please send resume to  or Whatsapp to 96314920 for sending your résumé in addition to expected salary to us.

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